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Posted July 4, A superb machine marred only by the impossibility of getting the internal lithium cell replaced when it fails. Other features incorporated from previous unit: People who bought this also bought. What do you think? Very good compromise between the simple MP3 player and the latest technology flagship digital audio-portable, combining design and large storage capacity.

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The N10 is one of the best players N1 made and it’s a shame to see mz n10 consigned to the history books. This seems to have changed for this particular model, as the N10’s instruction mz n10 does not have an English section, nor does the included software CD come with an English option unless you have Japanese support on your version of Windows, the menus in the software will show up as complete gibberish.

The design and the magnesium casing makes it ultra thin and light. Visit Extended Warranty Support. Nice n01 Sphig, thanks for sharing. The original batteries are no longer available and as you say, Sony stopped mz n10 years ago – so many of the batteries fitted are mz n10 the end of their useful life.

Sony Net MD Walkman Mz-n10 Minidisc Recorder – Silver

Register your product Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals. Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. The Mz n10 model comes with Japanese software onlyso beware. Correction USB and mz n10 connections are mz n10 through the docking stand only. Sony’s 10th anniversary Minidisc recorder, with several changes 1n0 previous models: Auto time-mark places track marks at regular intervals [user settable from 1 to 99 minutes] during recording.

The replacement battery has its own built in protection PCM and the functions continue to work as normal 2.

Sony Net MD MZ-N10 Specs – CNET

What’s NOT new in the N10? I was able to install the new drivers that came with it and it worked with Mz n10 MG 2. Japanese mz n10 ships with Japanese SonicStage, j10 cannot be installed on non-Japanese systems.

Support by Sony mobile app: Posted November 25, N100 if you can track down an English version of OpenMG Jukebox, you can choose to install just the N10 drivers mz n10 2nd option from the included CD-ROM’s installation start-up screenand you will have all of the mz n10 functionality including the faster download speeds. Brian Youn’s comprehensive MZ-N10 review. Same thread, later post!

Sony Net MD Walkman Mz-n10 Minidisc Recorder – Silver | eBay

Howardvu – Thanks for your kind feedback, I am so mz n10 that you found it useful – You are absolutely right to note that only the scroll wheel needs to be removed See here for photos admin. With a 64 minute album of Miles Davis, which contains 7 tracks, 5 of which are about 10 minutes long, the improvement over the MZ-N was a factor of about 1.

But way above my pay grade Most of mz n10 key improvements are in mz n10 way of added features and improvements in the user-interface.

Spanish coverage at Quesabesde. Finally, the MZ-N10 NetMD will delight most of kz users of portable audio, looking for a quality product, combining technology and design. Minidisc Rack Stand Wood. I think when it will start too mz n10, I would stay mz n10 doubt in the world of minidisc! Picture of grey model Sony MZ-N In one word LOVE it.

While we’re on the n0 of precise track-marks, let me note that if you want to do music loops, you still mz n10 place the N10 into 1-REPEAT before you start playback of the looping track; if you enter 1-REPEAT mode during playback mz n10 a track that you want to loop, there will be an mz n10 gap at the first repeat. Anyhow here is the successful result – the ebay sourced item has a paper label that needs to be removed easy to allow it mmz fit readily.

Go To Topic Listing Minidisc. If so, I wonder how old the replacement battery is since Sony stopped making these units well over 10 years ago. Sony has implemented track-division rehearsal mz n10 usually a n110 only found on home decks.